April 18, 2024

Jeff Hardy talks about why he left WWE

Hardy Boys were in the latest episode of Talk is Jericho Podcast. Jeff Hardy talked about leaving WWE, how AEW treats him & Jeff getting Hall Of Fame call.

Jericho asked Jeff what was his thought when Matt came to AEW.

“I was coming back from the knee surgery, this when pandemic had hit and Matt was gonna debut, we both pretty much, he debut in pretty much nobody and I came back in front of nobody, originally it was supposed to be in Detroit, in-front of 20,000 people and I was so excited and I have been through a lot in my personal life leading up to the return. But it was so strange, I’ll never forget watching it. Oh easy, he will teleport it from the noise, I did a little one on one.

Jericho asked Jeff when did he make up the mind on coming to AEW

“There was one moment, it was very simple after they sent me home. They though I had took something like I was back on the drugs or something and I said no, I just didn’t, I didn’t feel good at all. I had done my part of the match… The weird thing. I have talked about it so much, when they ask you. Who is your dream match, I have been saying Roman Reigns over & over again. This was the first time, I was in ring with Roman Reigns and it’s so the heat spot. And on to the ropes, kick one to the Usos and he clubbed one to the back, I went down. The reaction was so strong and powerful.

I can’t explain, things in my life happens for a reason, even subconsciously when I went over to the guard rail and I was done. it was some unpredictable erratic behaviour. The Jeff Hardy does time to time and I didn’t think. It would result in them drug testing me, like when I got home on that Monday, rushing the drug test and then the next day, they say go to rehab or we are gonna release you. So I’m not leaving my family for 28 days to save my job.”

Chris Jericho asked Jeff Hardy about WWE calling him.

“I was about to bring this up, let see I did take advantage of that and went to the Hall Of Fame 2022, when I was working with AEW is that even possible. I cried a little bit, first of all I don’t wanna go without my brother. It’s not my time, this is too early, too crazy, It was very emotional man, I was like what are they trying to do, naturally I’m gonna be reunited with my brother in AEW, now when I’m free from WWE. So I just told my wife what happened, I can’t believe what they offered me. So it was very emotional man, I happily declined it.”

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