May 23, 2024

Tony Khan talks about MJF status in AEW and Kenny Omega’s return status

Tony Khan was in the latest episode of “The Corner Podcast“, he discussed about MJF status in AEW & Kenny Omega’s return.

Tony Khan on Kenny Omega’s return

“I look forward to a time, when Kenny Omega is back wrestling for AEW. It’s gonna happen, I’m sure when he ready but I also don’t wanna push pressure on come back before he is ready. He is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, I really believe, he’s been such a great champion for AEW and a great leader. Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestler you could ever ask for in your promotion. Whenever he can come back wrestle at the high level at which is the only way he know to wrestle then we can’t wait to have him back.”

Tony Khan on MJF status in AEW

“I can’t, he is been a big part of the company from day one. But I can’t really speculate on what he is been saying about the stuff that unrelated his match to Wardlow. I’m not surprised for variety of reasons. But coming out of this weekend, I think that as of now, everything he done at AEW. He’s been a huge part of the success of the company. He signed here for a long time. so you know it’s 2022 and 2024 is a long way away.”

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