May 23, 2024

Charlotte Flair: “I really want that one-on-one moment with Bianca Belair.”

Charlotte Flair is one of the prominent wrestler in WWE. She’s currently out of action due to injury. She is expected to return to WWE in next couple of months.

Charlotte Flair on WWE World Panel talked about her interest in facing Bianca Belair. Charlotte says she wants to face Bianca in a stadium show.

“I really want that one-on-one moment with Bianca Belair. I really do. After Bianca, give it for Tiffany. I could not be more proud of her. Seeing her, watching her from home, watching her in Australia. She owns it. She’s going to be a big deal. First, Bianca and I, our history, her athleticism, I respect her so much as a talent. Bianca is the first opponent I would like to have a big stadium show with.” (H/T: Fightful)

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