December 9, 2023

CJ Perry says she missed women’s locker room

CJ Perry recently was on In The Kliq podcast, where she talked about AEW, WWE, Miro, Andrade, and more.

CJ Perry on her return to professional wrestling

“I’m so excited. I wish I could explain my enthusiasm, but I do a lot of cartwheels out of excitement. It was a good break to take two years off, but I immediately when I walked into the arena, my heart was racing. I was like, ‘this is home, I’m so excited, I have missed it.’

“I missed the women’s locker room, you know, there’s so much drama, like not necessarily in AEW but just in general in pro wrestling. We love it and hate it, and it was kind of like, I missed it. I missed the drama. I can only take so much of the Kardashians, I need my wrestling drama, locker room drama. It’s really exciting to be back, excited to be in women’s locker room again. Miro can only provide so many words to me in life.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article, please credit “In The Kliq” an h/t to WrestlingManiafan for the transcription.

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