May 23, 2024
Jon Moxley comments on Blood

Jon Moxley takes a shot at AEW: “I have never seen so much bulls**t drama in one place”

CM Punk’s debut at AEW was celebrated by fans and fellow wrestlers, but ever since the AEW All Out media scrum incident, there are rumours that many wrestlers doesn’t want Punk to return back to AEW.

Jon Moxley recently was in The Sessions with Renee Paquette podcast, where he took a shot at AEW, Moxley said that some wrestlers cause bulls**t but vast majority doesn’t cause any trouble in AEW

I will say this. I hate to say (it). I don’t think I’ve ever said anything even remotely negative about AEW. But I will say this. As an observer, it seems like – I spent eight years on the indies, a couple of years in WWE developmental, spent like eight years in WWE – I have never seen so much bulls**t drama in one place in my entire f**king life. I hate to say that.

“I don’t know if it’s because the age of social media and s**t gets blown out of proportion, like one person posts one stupid f**king drunk tweet and all of a sudden it’s all anybody wants to talk about. We’re sitting up here, doing a podcast. You know what we’re not talking about? We’re not talking about the f**king stellar match Vikingo and Kenny Omega just had. Or all the cool stuff going on in AEW, cool shows happening, we’re not talking about this great pay-per-view we just had.

“We’re not talking about any of that, we’re talking about some bulls**t. Let me be clear. The vast majority of people there don’t cause any f**king trouble or any bulls**t. But they’re getting sucked down into this s**t like everybody else. Into the muck. There’s plenty of people who just wanna get better and perform and f**king just do this job man, it’s the best job in the world.”

H/T: WrestleTalk

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