July 21, 2024

CM Punk takes a shot at MJF after MJF taped CM Punk’s name in PWI Award

CM Punk is currently recovering from Torn Triceps, it is also reported that Punk might have been suspended for AEW All-Out backstage incident. AEW is yet to provide CM Punk’s contract status.

MJF received two awards from Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, one is for Feud of the Year(CM Punk & MJF) and other one is for Most Hated Wrestler of the Year. MJF shared a picture of him with both plaque, but the only issue is MJF taped CM Punk’s name in Feud of the Year plaque.

CM Punk comments on the pictureMaybe find some tape for the ratings so nobody sees those either.”

There were also rumours about AEW buying out Punk’s contract, but AEW is yet provide an update on Punk status. AEW and Punk may come into some resolution and Punk might return back to AEW.

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