May 22, 2024

CM Punk wins AEW World Championship | AEW Double or Nothing

CM Punk vs Adam Hangman Page match was the most hyped AEW Match in recent times for AEW World Championship in Double or Nothing. Fans were very excited to see CM Punk in a championship match after a long time.

CM Punk entrance was cheered by the fans, Adam Page received mixed reaction from the fans. Adam Page started attacking from the start than CM Punk regained the control with a powerslam. Punk tries to hit a cross body from top of the ring but Page escapes and hits a slam.

Page was ready to hit Buckshot Lariat but Punk pushes him from ring apron to barricade, Page hits back with a powerbomb. Page attacks & he was out of the ring. Page flies from top of the ring to deliver a moonsault. Punk recovers quickly locked Hangman with sharpshooter, Page was able to escape from the sharpshooter, but got hit by a neck breaker.

Punk tried the Buckshot Lariat but It didn’t land well. Hangman hit multiple GTS to Punk but that was not enough to put him down. Hangman was not in a mood to let him go, Hangman tried to hit GTS again to Punk, while doing so he knocked the referee. Hangman takes the title & for a moment thinks of attacking him with the title but puts it down, as he wants to win the title fair and square. Hangman then tries to hit Buckshot but Punk reverse it with GTS & wins the title.

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