July 19, 2024

Cody Rhodes defeats Brock Lesnar | WWE Backlash 2023 results

Cody made his way into the ring and then Brock was about to enter the ring but Cody dives on him and hits him steel chair before the start of the match. Cody was not ready to let go of Brock Lesnar.

Cody was hitting Brock but Brock was too powerful for him. Brock hits multiple suplex to Cody Rhodes. Brock while attacking Cody got hit in exposed ring turnbuckle. Cody hits cody cutter and multiple cross rhodes, and then goes for the pin but Brock kicks out.

Brock Lesnar hits F5 and goes for pin but Cody kicks out, and then Brock Lesnar locks him kimura lock, Cody tries to escape to lock while Brock’s shoulder was down referee goes for pins and counts three. So Cody Rhodes won the match by pinfall.

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