May 23, 2024

Cody Rhodes was close to getting into fist fight with Seth Rollins backstage

Cody Rhodes’ first opponent after returning to WWE was Seth Rollins, they wrestled each other multiple times. Cody vs Seth Rollins feud seemed like very personal, they both were taking shots at each other brutally.

Cody Rhodes recently was in Dan LeBatard Show, where he talked about Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and more

When Cody was asked about if there was any backstage tension that could led to a fight

“I almost would say that I like less people than I dislike in terms of the backstage setting. The competition that exists in wrestling, you see that suspension of disbelief on-screen, but backstage it is very real in terms of the competition, who is going to be on top. For example, who is going to headline WrestleMania. This year, being Roman Reigns and myself, it doesn’t garner a lot of friends. Seth Rollins is the closest I’ve ever had to backstage turning into a fist fight in front of all of our peers and upper management. It didn’t happen. Him and I absolutely can’t stand one another, I’d probably try and rip his eyes out,” (H/T: Fightful)

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