July 19, 2024

Vince McMahon reportedly asking $9 billion to sell WWE

Vince McMahon is responsible for building this billion dollar company, it was not easy a journey for him. Vince McMahon made a very shocking return to WWE, and various report noted that he has returned to WWE to fasten WWE sale process.

According to latest report from Bloomberg, Vince McMahon is seeking up to $9 Billion for WWE sale and that is 37% more than the current market cap of WWE $6.5B. UFC owner Endeavor is listed as a potential buyers but it requires help from outside because it’s market cap is $10.4 billion, which is slightly above than Vince’s asking price.

Dave Meltzer previously on Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that if WWE sold at $8 billion, Vince McMahon, Triple will make huge amount of money.

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