March 2, 2024

Baron Corbin feels people discredit him because he doesn’t win big matches

Baron Corbin recently was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet, where he talked about John Cena, The Rock, WWE and more.

Baron Corbin on his career accomplishments

“It is just the massive things, you know, singles matches at WrestleMania, how many people get those opportunities. Singles matches at SummerSlam, I’ve had several. I had a singles match against John Cena, open SummerSlam in New York. I think people discredit it because I don’t win those matches, but you know somebody has to lose and I’m fine with being that guy.”

“If I can elevate somebody else, awesome. That’s my job, that’s what I take pride in as a bad guy. I want to go, ‘how do I make this guy the absolute best? And I eat lot of crow for it man. I hope that when I’m done and hopefully that’s a few years from now. People go, ‘man I didn’t realize it at the time, that dude was really, really good. I really appreciated that.’ I think The Miz is getting into that right now.”

“If you look at our win-loss record, like you know, Dolph is another guy like you look at our win-loss record, it’s abysmal. I mean it’s terrible. But we have elevated some certain people to a level and I want to go, ‘hey man, like part of your success is mine.’ Nobody is going to give me credit for that but I know it is. I spent three years running the main event, I went Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle, Roman Reigns, it was like three year straight.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article, please credit “Chris Van Vliet” an h/t to WrestlingManiafan for the transcription.

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