May 22, 2024

Damian Priest says Judgement Day knew fans would go crazy over Rhea Ripley choking Dominic Mysterio

Damian Priest was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling, where he talked about Judgement day, Rhea Ripley, dream match and more,

When he was asked his reaction to Rhea Ripley choking Dominic Mysterio

“That was one of those when we talked about what we wanted to do, we were very especially Rhea was like, ‘oh my god, my creep fan base are gonna go crazy over this’, we knew what was gonna happen, they did, actually the next day, we were just laughing hysterically about it. She was like, ‘yeah, pretty much what we thought gonna happen’, she was like, ‘I knew it’. It was like well, lets do it then, lets give them something to talk about which is the what we try to do anyway, just let’s make sure people talk about us tomorrow, next week, next year that’s the goal right. So lets do it in a cool way, She did it, because we did our business, I mean she choked them out and we were telling a story but also there is a other side, where was like, well let’s do something that will draw more attention. There’s little that Rhea can do that doesn’t get attention, nobody’s like her. She’s just imposing, she’s gorgeous, badass, cool everything that you want of a superstar. Rhea’s got it.”

When he was asked about his dream match

“The easy answer is Undertaker, he’s the reason why I wanted to become a WWE superstar, he is the reason why I fell in love with this business and it has nothing to do with the wrestling. So to speak, it was more the Undertaker, the character, the emotion he got out of me that’s what I strive to do for others, like I want to get into the mood that type of emotion out of people.

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