April 16, 2024

Dominik Mysterio: “I was supposed to go down to NXT and do the whole developmental thing.”

Dominik Mysterio has become one of the prominent superstar in WWE right, the amount of heat he gets is insane. Just Dominik’ appearance will attract massive boos. Dominik was teaming up with dad during the thunderdome time, most of limelight was on Rey Mysterio, he hardly got any recognition.

Now, he is one of top star in the whole of pro wrestling, other promotions are using his name. Joining the Judgement Day was one of the best decision for his pro wrestling career. The chemistry between him and Rhea Ripley is unbelievable.

Dominik Mysterio recently gave an interview to Inside The Ropes, where he talked about possibly going to WWE NXT after his Summerslam debut.

“I was supposed to go down to NXT and do the whole developmental thing, but it just never happened. And I never asked or complained.”

My dad and I — we had sat down and figured out how we were going to do it. [The] debut was going to be somewhere else. I was going to go independent for a little while and kind of try to get my training wheels going and get my feet wet … but when I was offered this opportunity against Seth, I knew that if I turned it down, there wasn’t going to be another opportunity like this.” (H/T: WrestlingInc)

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