June 10, 2024
Seth Rollins Cody Rhodes

Ricochet feels he’s not getting same opportunities as Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is one of the top babyface in WWE right now, Seth Rollins is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champions, it wasn’t an easy journey for both of them, they had to work really hard to be in this place.

Ricochet recently was in Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, where he talked about not getting enough opportunity when compared to Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes.

And for Ricochet, he kind of gets a reset every time he comes out. So whether he lost in five minutes last week, people don’t really remember, because when he comes out, they just know they’re about to see something cool and so I think that’s like a good and bad thing for Ricochet because I don’t really get the opportunity, like for example, like a Seth (Rollins) or an A.J. (Styles) or someone, a Cody (Rhodes) or someone.

“When they lose a match, the next week on Raw, they get to come out and talk about what happened and why they lost and what’s gonna happen in the future and how they’re gonna change it and Ricochet doesn’t really get that.Ricochet just has to come out and have another match, you know what I mean? Whether he wins or loses, he just comes out and has another match.

“So, until that comes, until that time comes and I get the opportunity to do the story and get that story which obviously, we all want the Rock-Austin, we all want the Cena-CM Punk.We all want these stories, you know? But I think the most important thing is delivering when it matters, delivering when you can, what you can when it matters.That way, when the time comes and they hand me a microphone, I’m telling everybody, hey, I’m better than your favorite wrestler so, sorry.”

(H/T: Post Wrestling)

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