March 2, 2024

Drew McIntyre: “The best heel turns are the justified ones.”

Drew McIntyre is one of the prominent star in WWE. Drew McIntyre from a longtime trying to win a title. He went after Roman Reigns but due to interference he lost the match. He was also pretty close to winning IC Title but Gunther emerged victorious.

Drew McIntyre finally realised that being a babyface did not help him in anyway. So he decided to join hands with The Judgement Day as the fifth member of Team Judgement Day at Survivor Series WarGames.

Drew McIntyre shared a video on X/Twitter, where he responded to fan question on who is a heel or bad guy?

‘The best heel turns are the justified ones.’ Who’s a heel? Who’s a bad guy? Are we not watching the show and not keeping up with things?” Drew McIntyre said. “Do I have to spell things out even more simply? If you’re a fan of mine, like I said on RAW, you get it. You understand. If you don’t, and you’ve turned your back on me, if you feel a certain way about me, you weren’t a fan in the first place.

“Or you just haven’t been watching closely or half closely because it feels pretty obvious to me, or have a short-term memory or it’s fun to say ‘Yeet’ and go [mimics Jey Uso’s taunt], which it is. But it doesn’t change the facts. That all I do is tell the truth. I’m a real person, wrapped into a real situation with someone who showed up in my backyard, who was part of trauma for the worst period of my career, which led to the worst moment of my career.” (H/T: WrestleZone)

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