June 25, 2024

Finn Balor reflects on his Extreme Rules match against Roman Reigns

Finn Balor ‘The Demon’ faced Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021, which had a controversial finish. Finn was in control of that match and was in verge to hit Coup de Grace, he was in top of the turnbuckle but the rope broke, which resulted in crazy landing on his knees.

Finn Balor recently interviewed by Josh Martinez, where he talked about Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules finish and more.

Finn Balor reflects on Extreme Rules match against Roman Reigns, and impact of Lesnar return to the storyline

I feel like it’s just been left open-ended [finish to Balor versus Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021] and the finish hasn’t been addressed and there was an idea to go a different direction, but then Brock [Lesnar] returned and the direction changed so, that’s something you kind of have to come to terms with and understand in WWE. There’s always gonna be a — if one piece of the jigsaw changes, the whole landscape changes and if someone gets hurt or someone returns, there’s always gonna be different ideas and plans put in place. So you just gotta be able to adapt to the ever-evolving situation and that’s what we had to do but, I feel like the finish of that match has definitely caused some watercooler talk so to speak and the fact that we’re still talking about it a year later is evidence of that and I feel like, you know, perhaps the next couple of months, we should really revisit that and address what happened that night. (H/T: Post Wrestling )

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Josh Martinez an h/t to Post Wrestling for the transcription

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