June 16, 2024

Logan Paul causes a intense staredown between Roman and Jey Uso | WWE Smackdown 10/7

Roman Reigns made his way to the ring, accompanied by Bloodline then Logan Paul made this entrance. Logan was standing in the ring apron, so Roman Reigns told him to come inside the ring.

Roman Reigns told Paul Heyman to give some wise words for Logan. Paul Heyman tells Logan that he is this generation’s Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper. Paul Heyman says Logan that he is outside celebrity who is number one in all pop culture platform that they(WWE) bring it to get more eye balls and finally they all will acknowledge the Tribal Chief.

Paul Heyman says they were figuring out pseudo insta celebrity for Crown Jewel. Heyman says Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Andre Tate they don’t have the balls to step inside the ring with Roman Reigns. Heyman says Logan Paul will be smashed by Tribal Chief.

Logan Paul asks Heyman that when Heyman told he will be smashed by Tribal Chief was he referring to Jey Uso or Roman Reigns. This led to some heat between Roman and Jey Uso. Sami Zayn interfered and told Roman that he is the Tribal Chief, the only problem in this ring is Logan Paul.

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