April 22, 2024

Goldberg doesn’t want his son to become a wrestler.

Goldberg had the longest undefeated streak in WWE/WCW. His streak was surpassed by Asuka. Goldberg’s last match in WWE was against Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022.

Goldberg recently was Nothing Left Unsaid with Tim Green podcast, where he talked about possibility of his son becoming a wrestler.

“I sure hope not. If there is wrestling in his future, I have to be his agent. Nobody is going to like that. The fact is, yes, it is nice to have that as a feather in your cap, something you can fall back on. It’s not as if his dad was a no-name goofy wrestler who didn’t make an impact. My son wants to be the antithesis of me.”

“Growing up as my son presents a lot of challenges. The one thing he has been true to since he’s been old enough to realize it is that he’s his own man. He’s earned his stripes on his own. He doesn’t want to follow in my footsteps. He wants to destroy them and make his own. That hurts sometimes, but I’m appreciative of it.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews.com)

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