July 20, 2024

Brawl broke out between Roman Reigns, Usos & RK-Bro, Drew McIntyre | WWE RAW 2/05/2022

WWE Raw kick off with the Bloodline with Paul Heyman in the ring. Paul Heyman welcomes everyone to Raw, tells everyone to put down their children & to stand on their feet. Paul says everybody now gets a chance to rebel in the greatness of the their tribal chief Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns tells North Carolina to acknowledge him. RK-Bro hits a RKO to Usos from behind, Randy Orton & Riddle both were laughing at Roman Reigns as he was only one left in ring, Randy Orton & Riddle calls out Drew McIntyre. Drew puts down his sword before entering the ring. Drew McIntyre & Roman were seeing face to face with each other. Started punching each others, Usos started to attack Drew, RK- Bro attacks Usos. There was complete brawl in the ring. Referees comes & tries to stop the drop, and we were in a commercial break & when we return ring was cleared.


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