May 23, 2024

Happy Corbin says it broke his heart when Drew McIntyre kicks out End of Days

Happy Corbin was in the latest episode of Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast. He talked about End of days kick out and more

When he was asked about Drew kicking out of End of Days

“I mean honestly, we are out of character here. The 100% honest truth that I would have loved to have saved that for a bigger moment for me and something that selfishly would have benefitted me. But I think that 100% benefitted him and where he is going but I think for me, I would have loved to save that for you know maybe a big match with Roman Reigns or a moment where you know, maybe I’m getting an opportunity to win a world title and we can use that prior to winning or something like that.

“It just to me would have set a lot better with me and the way it kind of went down for me a little bit was obviously not the way I wanted it to go. I think it made a special moment for him and hopefully he appreciates that and hopefully he knows what it meant to me and uh, it got a unbelievable reaction when he did.”

“That’s the first ever, hopefully now maybe It’s just one person in all history will kick out of it, who knows but um yeah that broke my heart. I mean that was hard because that was kind of my thing. You know, I don’t have a list of titles, I have a lot of amazing accomplishments from king of the ring to constable to Money In The Bank, to you know, I do have one title but I, to me that was something that I held that was special and I think people also thought it was special and It’s unique nowadays to have a finish nobody has kicked out of, but it made it nearly 10 years so.”

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