June 25, 2024

Asuka vs Becky Lynch winner qualifies for MITB | WWE Raw Results 6/20

Earlier on Raw, Becky Lynch was in fatal five way match, winner gets an opportunity to face Bianca Belair. Becky was almost in the verge of winning the match, Asuka pulled her while Becky was pinning Liv Morgan, which made her lose the match.

Becky was shouting at Adam Pierce, Adam told that there will be MITB contender match between Asuka and Becky tonight.

Becky vs Asuka was the main event of Raw, Becky very furious, she started attacking Asuka before she enters the ring. Asuka and Becky were punching each other, Asuka locks arm bar at the beginning of the match.

Becky Lynch locks Asuka lock but Asuka escapes and ankle locks Becky. Becky pushes Asuka to the turnbuckle. They again started punching. Becky tries to hit Manhandle slam but Asuka escapes and hits a brutal kick to the head and wins the match.

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