May 22, 2024

5 funniest Brock Lesnar moments in WWE

Brock Lesnar is one of the most feared wrestler in WWE, not only in WWE, he is also one of the most feared MMA fighter in UFC. Brock Lesnar most of the time has serious face, in his early WWE days, he used to very funny & in last couple of years, he is having some fun.

Lets see 5 Brock Lesnar funny moments in WWE

Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle

Ever since Brock Lesnar defeats Kurt Angle in WrestleMania 19, they had become good friend. They both were competitive, In one of the backstage segment, A girl while walk by greeted ‘a champ’ while both of them replied, ‘how, you are you doing?’.

It led to a argument, who was girl talking to. Both listed their achievements, Later Brock Lesnar walked out. Kurt Angle went near the girl and talked to her, while drinking milk, Brock Lesnar slaps Kurts back which made Kurt Angle spit milk all over the girl.

Brock Lesnar and R-Truth

In 2020, Brock Lesnar was the WWE Champion, couple of week before Royal Rumble, Paul Heyman told that Brock Lesnar will enter Royal Rumble and will win it. And then there won’t be any competition for Brock Lesnar. R-Truth interrupts Paul & Brock. He said that he will participate in Royal Rumble and will throw Paul Heyman over the rope. Which made Brock Lesnar laugh.

Brock Lesnar’s Mexican dance

Brock Lesnar was set to defend his title against Eddie Guerrero in upcoming PLE. Like mocking Eddie, Brock Lesnar hired a Mexican band and danced very happily to Mexican music. We never knew Brock Lesnar was such a great dancer. Brock Lesnar dance made fans very surprise, some fans took some time to realize what was happening. It was one of the funniest moment in WWE history.

Brock Lesnar wheelie in Stone Cold’s ATV

Brock Lesnar stole Stone Cold’s ATV to get inside his skin. Brock Lesnar never lost an opportunity to mock or insult Stone Cold. Brock Lesnar told that Stone Cold vehicle will be his now. Brock Lesnar was enjoying his ride in Stone Cold’s ATV. Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold are two of the legends in WWE. But this two never faced each other in a single’s match.

Brock Lesnar dance party

Brock Lesnar made a surprise return in MITB 2019 after losing championship to Seth Rollins in WrestleMania 35. Mustafa Ali was few centimetre’s away from MITB brief case. Brock Lesnar attacks Ali and climbs ladder and wins the title. Following week Raw, Brock Lesnar modified MITB and was dancing his way to the ring. Many were surprised to see Brock Lesnar dancing.

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