July 20, 2024

Roman’s Acknowledge ceremony cancelled, Sami to appear on Tribal Court in RAW’s 30th anniversary episode

The Bloodline and Sami are not in good terms now, ever Sami Zayn faced Kevin Owens. Roman Reigns has some trust issue with Zayn, and Zayn also started to think whether The Bloodline is using him. On last night SmackDown Kevin Owens destroys The Bloodline but Sami Zayn was nowhere seen, he came only after The Bloodline got ambushed.

PWInsider is reporting that Roman Reigns’s Acknowledgment ceremony has been cancelled, but instead there will be a trial on Sami in The Tribal court for his action in last night SmackDown.

“in its place, based on what occurred on last night’s edition of Friday Night Smackdown, we are told that Sami Zayn will instead be going before a Tribal Court in Philly for the ‘Trial of Sami Zayn.’” 

WWE officially confirms the creative change in The Bloodline segment for RAW 30th anniversary, the following was announced in their official site.

Weeks of tumultuousness and questionable decision making has caused dissension in The Bloodline. A wild Royal Rumble contract signing between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, left The Bloodline wiped out in the ring and Sami Zayn holding the contract.

Now, The Head of The Table and The Undisputed Universal Champion has decided to hold a Tribal Court and put Sami Zayn on trial for his recent actions. 

What will the final verdict be on The Honorary Uce? Tune into Raw XXX on Monday on USA to find out!

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