May 22, 2024

Chad Gable on facing Gunther: “It’s not a joke. You can see the chops.”

Gunther is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, he recently surpassed Honky Tonk Man’s record. Many wrestler have tried to put an end to his reign but failed miserably.

Gable was able to defeat Gunther once in a non-title match but when it came to title match Gunther always emerged victorious. Chad Gable and Gunther’s rivalry was widely appreciated by fans.

Chad Gable recently was interviewed WWE Die Woche, where he talked about facing Gunther. Gable feels facing Gunther made him level up.

“Oof, I wish I could show you my chest after some of those matches, and you could see how it feels. But it’s definitely some of the most intense, hard-hitting matches I’ve had in my entire career. So you get what you see on TV with him. It’s not a joke. You can see the chops, they look like they hurt. They hurt. They sound like they hurt, they hurt. He hits hard.”

“Nothing is wasted with him. Everything he does, whether it’s a boot, a punch, a chop, everything matters, and it hurts, and it’s stiff, and it’s laid in there. It’s intense, and that draws that out of me as well. So it makes me fight back intensely as well, which I like. It’s very competitive, being in there with him. It forces me to up my game, if that makes sense, to raise my level a little more, which is necessary when you’re in with a guy like that for championship matches, so I love those matches.” (H/T: Fightful)

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