July 19, 2024

Bray Wyatt got emotional, thanks fans for their love | WWE Smackdown results 10/14

Bray Wyatt made his entrance with a new song and his lantern. Nobody expected Bray Wyatt to talk about his personal life.

Bray Wyatt says in this past year, he lost lot of things, he says he had lost his career and confidence in himself. He tells he thought that what he did in WWE was meaningless and says that he was wrong.

He says fans used to ask him, when he was returning home(WWE). He says that fans used to thank and used to ask when he would return. He says every once in a while, he would meet someone remarkable. He says some fan used to come to him and tell him that they had lost their loved once and was having bad time and used to tell Bray that his words saved him.

He says all the fans were there when he was vulnerable, weak and when he was down, he thanked fans and tells that they all saved his life. A scary mask video appears and Smackdown goes off air.

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