June 8, 2024

MVP explains why “The Hurt Business” worked so well in the past

The Hurt Business was a faction consisting of Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander and MVP. They had immense success during the Thunderdome era, during the period Bobby had won multiple titles, Cedric and Shelton had won Raw tag title. MVP was mentoring them for the success.

From last couple of week WWE is teasing a possible reunion of Hurt Business. Bobby and Seth were in a No.1 contender match for US title on Dec 12 episode of RAW, during the match Bobby attacked referee, which resulted in him getting suspended. Bobby was supposed to get suspended for a long time but MVP pulled some strings to bring Bobby Lashley back to RAW.

MVP on twitter tweeted about Hurt Business, MVP feels Hurt Business was organic. He, Bobby and Shelton were friends for a long time

You know why The Hurt Business worked? Because it was ORGANIC. Me, Bobby & Shelton are REALLY friends for over 15 years. A brotherhood across years, companies & countries. Shelty had a relationship with Ced & Shelton vouched. We adopted Ced. The relationship wasn’t contrived.

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