July 20, 2024

Jim Ross believes Dolph Ziggler would eventually return to WWE

Dolph Ziggler was recently released from WWE, possibly due to cost cutting. Multiple superstar were released from WWE but Dolph Ziggler’s release was the most shocking one. It seemed like Dolph would never leave WWE, but things have changed after the merger. Dolph Ziggler was with WWE for over 15 years.

Jim Ross recently on his Grilling JR podcast talked about Dolph Ziggler. Jim Ross thinks Dolph would return to WWE.

“I don’t think he’s permanently going to be gone from WWE. I think once the dust settles, you start thinking about the roles he can fulfill — and there are many, not just [in] wrestling. I heard someone talk about Ziggler being in line for a role much like Adam Pearce is on Raw, and if that’s the case, he’ll do a great job. Ziggler’s a star, and you don’t just cast stars to the side.” (H/T: WrestlingInc)

Dolph Ziggler is a very experienced wrestler, he has wrestled almost all the top stars in WWE. Dolph has tonnes of wrestling knowledge, he can help young wrestlers behind the screen. Many wrestlers had praised Dolph Ziggler for his selling, Dolph makes the opponent look so good.

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