July 19, 2024
Jon Moxley comments on Blood

Jon Moxley: “There is the potential for blood in every match”, It adds realism.

Jon Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, he had a pretty great career in WWE, he was part of one of the greatest faction, The Shield. Jon Moxley had many crazy matches in WWE but rarely seen him bleed in the ring. Jon Moxley leaves WWE in 2019, which was very shocking.

Jon Moxley joins AEW in 2019, which made fans go crazy. Jon Moxley is known for doing crazy stuffs, he was criticised a lot bleeding in the ring in most of his match, but he loves that. It seemed like blood in Jon Moxley’s match in inevitable.

Jon Moxley recently was interviewed by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, where he talked why he likes blood in the wrestling match, he feels it add realism to the match.

“This is a combat sport. College wrestling is a combat sport, too. They have blood timeouts to patch it up. The lowest prelim bout of a UFC card or a boxing card, somebody might have a little blood on their eyebrow or blood coming out of their nose. But they’re not selling a blood sport. It’s not, ‘Tune in for the blood! Tune in for the gore!’ It’s part of the aesthetic. It adds realism.

Sometimes when I don’t even want it to. But I only know one speed. That’s with my foot to the gas pedal. If we’re going to do something, let’s f—ing do it. That can be detrimental when it comes to negative things, like drugs or alcohol. But that’s my mindset. If I’m doing it, I’m doing it.

When it comes to blood, it’s just going to happen sometimes. Like I said, it’s foot to the gas pedal. Some people say, ‘This is just a random match. Why is there blood?’ I heard that last week vs. Tomohiro Ishii. He’s one of the greatest of all time. I’m not going to let that moment slip by. I’m going foot-to-the-f—ing-gas-pedal. How can I not? Then I hear that I can’t have a good match without blood. O.K., then, you made my argument for me. I’ll do it every time.”

“The point of the dissertation is that this is a combat sport. But we’re not allowed to have blood in a match unless it’s a personal grudge? We’re only allowed to have blood after a five-month grudge after someone slept with somebody’s wife or somebody ran over someone with a car? And then—and only then—are we allowed to have this dramatic crimson mask that looks the exact same every single time? For me, realism-wise, since this is a combat sport, that means there is the potential for blood in every match. Everything in wrestling is preposterous to some degree, but this helps with the suspension of disbelief.

“I’m actually for less blood but more often. If every single match on the card had a busted eyebrow or bloody nose, it would just be part of the sport. But some gory spectacle with blood shooting like a hose is pretty unnecessary. We’re elbowing each other in the face every single match. We’re kicking each other in the face every single match. What are these people made of if they’re not bleeding? People ask why there is blood in the ring every time I leave it. It feels unnatural to go out of my way to make sure no one is bleeding. That feels like I’m taking my foot off the gas pedal. That doesn’t interest me.”

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