April 22, 2024

Kevin Owens reflects on his time in Ring Of Honor

Kevin Owens had worked with multiple promotions before joining WWE. Kevin Owens was known as Kevin Steen in Ring Of Honor. He had won ROH World Championship and ROH Tag Team Championship during his time in ROH.

Kevin Owens recently was on Wrestle Radio Australia, where he talked about his time in ROH. Kevin Owens says there were a lot of things that he did in ROH that he wouldn’t do today.

“I mean, this is a lot closer to myself than I am, you know, the Ring of Honor stuff. A lot of it was about shocking people and trying to get my name out there and for better or for worse, you know? There’s a lot of things I did back then that I would not do today.”

“You know what I mean? So I’m glad that I’ve managed to get to where I wanted to get to, and the Ring of Honor years are great years for me, but they’re not necessarily years I even look back on. I don’t really watch that stuff back. If I did, I’d probably cringe at a lot of stuff I did. You know, licking people’s blood and just a lot of crazy things in the ring that I probably shouldn’t have been doing. But, you know, it all paid off ultimately. I am where I wanted to go.” (H/T: Fightful)

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