April 22, 2024

Rhea Ripley says R Truth is like a cockroach, he keeps coming back to The Judgment Day

R Truth is arguably one of the most funniest characters in WWE. He believes he’s part of The Judgment Day, but The Judgment Day doesn’t think he’s their member.

Rhea Ripley recently was on WWE’s The Bump, where she talked about R Truth. Rhea says she wants R Truth gone from The Judgment Day.

 “The R-Truth thing is comical, very, very comical, but like I’ve said to the boys, he’s not in [Judgment Day]. We’ve all come to an agreement [that] R-Truth isn’t in, so we need to stop with that. We need to get rid of him, and we need him to get the message that he is not a part of The Judgment Day.”

“I feel like here on RAW, The Judgment Day, we ran Monday Night RAW. We ran the WWE. And I feel like with everything that’s been going on, we’ve lost a bit of steam, and that makes Mami very mad. I feel like it’s because Truth is just a funny dude, and he, for some reason, loves Judgment Day and wants to be a part of us …”

“Me and the boys, we want to be taken seriously, so that’s why we keep attacking Truth. We want him gone. We want him to leave us alone, but he’s like a cockroach. He just keeps coming back.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews.com)

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