June 25, 2024

Kevin Owens reflects on the advice he got from Paul Heyman after being left out from WM 35

Kevin is one of the prominent superstar in WWE, he has won championships, wrestled top superstars. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are the current WWE Tag Team Champions, they won the championship by defeating The Usos at WrestleMania 39.

Kevin Owens was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani of TNT Sports, where he talked about not getting a match at WrestleMania 35.

“When I wasn’t on WrestleMania 35, a few weeks before, I didn’t not understand why…I understood plans had changed, I was completely fine with it. I was like, ‘what else am I going to do? I can do something else on the show.’ They’re like, ‘Nah. It doesn’t fit there, it doesn’t fit there. It doesn’t make sense.’ It was driving me insane. I remember having a talk with Paul Heyman at a show [Raw or SmackDown] near Gorilla (position), and I was losing my mind. ‘Paul, I can’t believe I’m not on WrestleMania.’

He’s like, ‘I can’t believe it either.’ ‘What do I do?’ ‘Just walk in there and threaten to quit.’ ‘No, that’s not how I’m going to handle this.’ ‘If that’s how you feel.’ It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t go to WrestleMania 35. I flew to New York, I had some appearances, and I flew back home to watch it with my wife and kids because I didn’t want to be anywhere near it. I flew back the next morning for more appearances.” (H/T: RingSideNews)

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