July 19, 2024

Kurt Angle says Triple H Loves Pro Wrestling like It’s His Wife

Kurt Angle recently in his The Kurt Angle Show podcast talked about Triple, Hulk Hogan and more.

Kurt on who has best wrestling mind in business

“For me personally, Triple H. He’s always had it. He’s not just from a wrestling standpoint, creative standpoint, psychology standpoint, promo standpoint. Triple H is one guy that is so well educated, he loves pro wrestling like it’s his wife. He cherishes it, he’s really good at it, he has a really great mind for it. In the past, I would say somebody like Hulk Hogan, who’s able to bring the fans in, at a time where wrestling, not so hot. But you know, Hulkamania actually made wrestling so much bigger and he has great mind for business as well. I worked with Hulk Hogan, he is definitely is well educated in wrestling aspect.”

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