July 19, 2024

Kurt Angle on Ricochet: “I think a guy like that can be a huge main eventer.”

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest pro wrestler of all time, he has wrestled all over world and met lots of wrestlers. Getting an appreciation from Kurt Angle is not easy, he only appreciates where he sees talent.

Kurt Angle recently was on Grue Rume Show, where he talked Ricochet, he feels Ricochet can draw lots of money for WWE.

“I like watching Kenny Omega wrestle for AEW. He’s a great wrestler, great athlete. I love the guys, wrestlers like Ricochet in WWE. I think he’s really underrated. I think a guy like that can be a huge main eventer for the company and draw a lot of money for them. The matches that he has are just incredible. But, yeah, for the most part, both companies got a lot of talent right now and I wouldn’t say they have the talent that we had back in the Attitude Era. Back then, everybody was a superstar. The lower-end card guys, the middle card guys, I mean, The Godfather, Val Venis, Bob Holly, guys who were mid-card, opening card guys were huge stars at the time.

Now, there are like five or six top guys in the company that everybody knows and everybody else is just not really as recognized. So, back then, we had a special group of guys but don’t get me wrong, the guys today, they’re actually much more athletic than we were. They do a lot more crazy stuff, a lot more flips and acrobatic stunts but hopefully, they’ll hone that in and come back to the way wrestling was where, you know, you have wrestling holds, wrestling moves, stuff like that. Not just stunts. But, I think everybody’s doing a good job today in WWE and AEW.” (H/T: Post Wrestling)

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