April 15, 2024

Seth Rollins surprise opponent for Cody | WWE RAW Results 18/04/2022

This week Raw started with Rollins in the ring, invites Cody Rhodes for a confrontation. Cody Rhodes made his way into the ring. Seth Rollins says Cody has known, who would be his opponent for WestleMania, that’s a great advantage for any wrestler, but Seth did not get that advantage, he also say that he had told that he would face a surprise opponent of Vince’s choice, so he says he was not able to prepare for the fight.

Seth Rollins told Cody, he would wrestle a mystery opponent of Rollins choice, Cody Rhodes agreed to wrestle mystery opponent of Rollins choice in main event.

Cody Rhodes def Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens was not a surprise to anyone,, Most of them anticipated Rollins would pick Kevin Owens to wrestle Cody. Owens & Cody produced a good match as main event. Kevin Owens tried a powerbomb on ring apron to put him away, Cody countered it with back body drop, which made him fall out of the ring, Seth Rollins told some abusive words Owens, told him to get inside the rings, It made Owens furious, he walked out of the match, Umpire counted him out, resulting in Cody Rhodes win, Cody was also not happy with that type of win, Cody was standing on top of the turnbuckle & facings fans, Rollins from behind push Cody out of the ring.

Naomi & Sasha Banks (c) def. Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley

It was pretty good match, Liv & Rhea failed to win the title, that was too much for Rhea, so she changed into heel & attacked Liv Morgan brutally.

Veer Mahan def. Jeff Brooks

Veer Mahan to making statement every week, this week he defeated Jeff Brooks with his submission, even after he taped out, Veer was not ready to let him go, Veer made Brooks go unconscious.

Adam Pearce fined Bianca Belair 

Bianca attacked Sonya, who is a referee, so she was supposed to receive a fine, Bianca was fined 1$ for attacking Sonya, the fine amount made Sonya angry.

 Theory def. Finn Balor (c)

Theory was exceptionally awesome today, he fought very well & finished the match with A-Town Down, won the championship, Vince Mcmahon came out & congratulates Theory was becoming new US champion.

Double Commitment Ceremony

R Truth officiated Reggie & Dana, Tamina & Tozawa. Once the ceremony was over Reggie pinned Dana, Tamina pinned Reggie, Tozawa pinned Tamina & finally Dana pinned Tozawa, retained the title in the end.

The Street Profits def. RK-Bro

RK-Bro was in the verge of winning the match, but was interfered by Uso theme song, that disturbance was enough for The Street Profit to take advantage & win the match.


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