May 23, 2024

R Truth officiates double commitment

In this week WWE Raw. we had a double wedding officiated by R Truth. The wedding pair are Reggie & Dana Brooke, Akira Tozawa & Tamina.

Both the groom were in the ring, R Truth called out the bride. Dana Brooke was coming alone, but Tamina was accompanied by Sasha Banks & Naomi, many were very surprised to see Sasha Banks as Bride Maid.

R Truth made the pair to read the vows, By Reggie’s vows Dana was very impressed, Dana vows was also pretty good, when Tamina told Tozawa to convey his vows, he just said “same”. Tamina got very furious and interchanged Tozawa with Reggie at first, than again interchanged Reggie with Tamina.

R Truth trolled them by saying It is not PG-13 by looking at Tamina & Dana Brooke as bride & groom. Tamina finally changed the pair to original state,

There were tears of happiness from everyone who were present in the double commitment. But Sasha was seen rubbing tears from her eyes, it is hard to see the boss crying.

While Reggie kissing Dana, Reggie counted her out & won title, Tamina hit kick to face & pinned Reggie, Tozawa from behind Tamina, he counted her out. Dana from top of the ring hit a splash to Tozawa & retained the title.


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