April 22, 2024

LA Knight compares MJF to The Miz

LA Knight is one of the top babyface in WWE right now, everybody thought his pops would not last long but his pops are increasing over the course of time. Fans are waiting to see LA Knight with a title.

LA Knight recently was interviewed by Alex McCarthy of DailyMail.co.uk, where he talked about some people comparing him to The Miz. LA Knight believe MJF is more similar to The Miz than him.

“That’s another guy I’ve seen people make comparisons to and I’ve never really gotten. At least with MJF I can see those two being a little bit closer, they have a more similar presentation. But as far as me and him go, I don’t know. Right now it’s a feeling out process and I would say it was a helluva first feeling out process.”

LA Knight on his wrestling career

“Yeah, those first 10 years were very lean. Some of that I can put on myself, some of that I can put on politics, and a little mix of both. Me not knowing how to forward my own agenda, but at this point certain things have happened in terms of mindset shifts in myself, figuring that kind of stuff out with how to make things happen, and now here we are.” 

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