May 22, 2024

Lana comments on Dominik Mysterio’s heel turn

Lana had a pretty good career in WWE, there are rumours that she could join AEW in future.

Dominik Mysterio heel turn was not expected by anyone, Dominik turns on Edge at Clash at the Castle. On the following week also Dominik played a role in making Edge suffer.

Lana comments on Dominik Mysterio Instagram photo that she is obsessed with his heel turn

I obsessed with your heel turn

Dominik Mysterio is having very good time now with the Judgement Day, before that Rey Mysterio had all the limelight instead of Dominik. Whenever Rey and Dominik were in a tag team match all the focus was on Rey Mysterio. Joining Judgement Day could be one of the best thing to happen for Dominik’s career.

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