April 22, 2024

Logan Paul takes a shot at Randy Orton

Randy Orton eliminated Logan Paul in the Elimination Chamber match, Logan was furious at Randy Orton. Drew and Randy were the last two wrestlers left in the match. Randy Orton hits an RKO to Drew, and he was on verge of winning the match, but Logan knocks Randy out with brass knuckles. Drew pinned Randy Orton.

WWE recently shared behind the scene Elimination Chamber video, where Logan commented on Randy Orton after knocking him out with brass knuckles.

“Well, well, well, we were to look at that, Mr. RKO got KO’d, sucks to suck, that’s what happens when you play with the best. I walked in that chamber a champ, I left a champ. We’ll see what happens next, WrestleMania, here we come.”

It rumoured that Logan Paul could defend his title against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 40. Logan Paul is currently feuding with Kevin Owens.

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