February 24, 2024

What happened with Edge after WWE SmackDown went off air

Sheamus made his way into the ring, Edge received massive cheers when he was making his entrance. There was lots Edge chants during the match.

Edge was giving everything he had in the match, Sheamus fought back and tried to hit 10 beat of bodhran but Edge escapes. Edge spears Sheamus who sends both of them outside of the ring. Edge hits a superplex from top rope and the execution, goes for the pin but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus hits white noise and Celtic cross but that was not enough to pin Edge.

Sheamus hits 10 beat of bodhran, Edge fights back and tries to hit spear but Sheamus hits him with brogue kick and goes for the pin but Sheamus kicks. Edge hits multiple spears to Sheamus to win the match. Sheamus and Edge hugs each other after the match. Edge talks to fans after SmackDown went off air.

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