June 9, 2024

Mike Chioda on Brock Lesnar selling at WM 31 “Brock sold his a$$ off” he got gashed open the hard way

Mike Chioda is one of the well known former WWE referee, who has been referee for many great match, including Roman vs Brock at WrestleMania 31, it was the first time they faced each other, some believed Roman Reigns would get ambushed by Brock.

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns pushed each other to their limits, it was very a long match. Both were not ready to take a loss. Seth Rollins music hits, whole stadium got erupted. Seth Rollins marched towards ring and cashes in his MITB and entered the match, and wins the title.

Mike Chioda recently gave an interview to PWMania.com, where he talked about Roman vs Brock WM 31 Match and Seth Rollins’ cash-in during the match

Well, you guys gotta remember the stadium ramps, and I remember when he was running down that ramp. I was like, ‘he’s gotta’ hurry. He’s got a long way to go.’ That’s what we’re always concerned about. You know, and it was a hell of a frickin’ pop. All I remember of that night, I mean as far as Seth cashing in, what a hell of a match that was finishing everything.

Brock sold his ass off, man. I mean, I remember he got gashed open the hard way because he won’t do no other way. He’ll do it the hard way, then anyone will believe it. I’d never seen him f***ing sell like that before. I thought he was actually concussed or he was hurt or dizzy or something like that. I mean, I was sitting there at one point, and I remember I put on the gloves. And next thing you know, I’m looking at him, and I kept asking him, ‘Brock, you alright brother?’ And he’s selling around the ropes and selling around the outside coming back and selling like a son of a gun. I was shocked that he sold so good because I’d never seen him sell like that before. He was always the killer beast monster. And to me, that’s a professional. They were making Roman at that time, and he had to sell to make it believable. That was a hell of a match man, one of the best of my career.

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