April 22, 2024

Jimmy Uso superkick’s Jey Uso | WWE SmackDown 6/9

Paul Heyman offers Jey Uso for a opportunity to win US Title. Jey Uso accepts the offer, Paul Heyman asks is he ready to chose the sides now and tries to shake his hand but Jey did not shake his hand.

Jey Uso wrestled Austin Theory in the main event of SmackDown, they both were not ready to lose. Jey Uso hits the splash from top rope goes for the pin but referee was nowhere seen. Pretty Deadly appears and attacks Jey Uso and then Jimmy comes in to rescue Jey Uso. Solo also came into the ring.

Solo tried to hit Samoa Spike to Jimmy but Jey stops him. Jimmy tried to superkick Solo but it got hit to Jey Uso. Solo and Jimmy both were in shock. Austin Theory used that opportunity and pins Jey Uso. Austin Theory retains the title. Jey Uso was not happy Jimmy after the match. Jey pushes Jimmy and walks out of the ring.

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