June 9, 2024

Asuka unveils New Women’s Title, Charlotte Flair returns and challenges Asuka

Asuka won the RAW Women’s Title by defeating Bianca Belair at Night Of Champions. It did not make lot of sense to have RAW Women’s Title in SmackDown.

WWE had to come up with a plan, so WWE introduced a new Women’s Champion, which will replaced by Asuka’s RAW Women’s Title. Tonight on SmackDown Asuka got her New Women’s Title.

Asuka was celebrating but suddenly Charlotte Flair made her surprise return. Charlotte did not waste lot of time, she challenged Asuka. Adam Pierce says Charlotte should wait in line to get an opportunity to face Asuka. Charlotte says queen doesn’t wait in line. Asuka accepts Charlotte’s challenge. Bianca Belair is yet to receive her rematch. It would be interesting how this pan out.

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