May 22, 2024

Randy Orton is not returning to WWE anytime soon

Randy Orton is not new to injuries, he was injured many times in his 20+ years career, but this time it looks bad. Not many wrestlers can say they have had 20+ years in wrestling.

New report from Fightful Select (subscription required) gives a update on Randy Orton injury and return status

Randy Orton required a fusion in his lower back that would keep him out of action for an extended period of time. The surgery has already happened, though we don’t know when. His wife had posted a picture of him around the operation, however. There were some in WWE that told us they’d be fortunate to have him back after such a long career and the significance of the injury. We’ve also heart from some in the company that says that when he was initially injured, Orton insisted he would eventually return. However, there are no creative plans in order for Randy Orton and no timetable for his return.(H/T: RingSidenews)

Randy Orton couple of months ago in an interview told that he wants to wrestle for another ten years, he also said he will wrestle for WWE. Randy Orton already has a legendary career, he has achieved everything there is to be in WWE.

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