July 21, 2024

WWE Survivor Series Wargames: Team Bianca vs Team Bayley Result

Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai starts the match and then Iyo Sky entered second from Bayley’s team. Dakota and Iyo attacked Bianca with help of numbers advantage. Asuka entered second from Bianca’s team, Asuka and Bianca fights backs against Women’s tag team champions.

Nikki Cross was third member to get released, Nikki throws kendo stick into the ring. Iyo and Dakota attacks Bianca with the kendo stick. Nikki Cross hits a splash from top of the cage. Alexa enters next and attacks Nikki, Bayley enters next and takes ladder and table into the ring.

Bayley took control of the match, Mia Yim enters and helps her team to recover. Rhea Ripley was the last to enter from team Bayley. Ripley enjoys throwing everybody without any hesitation. Team Bianca was in control of the match, Becky enters next and changes the complexion of the match.

Becky punches Iyo, Dakota and Nikki and also a kick to the face, Rhea hits riptide to Becky and tries to pin but Asuka breaks it. Iyo Sky hits a moonsault from top of the cage. Bianca hits manhandle slam to Bayley, and Becky hits leg drop to Dakota who was laying on the table from top of the ring to win the match.

Winner: Team Bianca Belair

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