May 22, 2024

WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Match Card

Money In The Bank is one of WWE’s premium live event, where marquess superstars wrestle. Winning the MITB briefcase is one of the closest way to get your hands on the title.

Lets see this years MITB Match Card

Austin (C) vs Bobby Lashley | United States Championship

Bobby Lashley wins the Gauntlet Match, couple of weeks ago to get the title shot against Theory for United States Championship. It would be a very intense match as Bobby Lashley is very furious on Theory. The one thing Theory does best is getting inside Bobby’s skin.

Bianca Belair(C) vs Carmella| WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Bianca was scheduled to face to Rhea Ripley in MITB but Rhea was not medically cleared to wrestle. So WWE announced fatal 5 way match to determine the opponent for Bianca’s title. Carmella wins fatal five match by defeating Alexa, Liv, Becky and Asuka.

Ronda Rousey(C) vs Natalya | WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Ronda and Natalya used to be best friends, ever since Natalya won 6-Pack challenge for a title shot against Ronda. They both have become sworn enemies. taking it very personal. There is intense twitter battle going on between Natalya and Ronda, insulting each other mercilessly.

The Usos vs The Street Profits | WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship

The Usos are the longest reigning Smackdown Tag Team Champions, their last title defeat was a long time ago, Street Profit are giving a tough fight for The Usos. If Usos lose the title, Roman Reigns will not be happy about it.

Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match

Many marquee names are in this match, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Omos, Riddle , Sami Zayn but there is still one position left that is not announced yet. In this week Raw, WWE did a interview with Cody Rhodes, Cody Rhodes said that if Seth Rollins wins, he would be the first one to congratulate him. That mystery spot and Cody’s interview made fans little excited.

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match

Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Asuka, Lacy and Raquel won their respective qualification match, But one spot was left, Becky was miserable as she was not able to qualify for MITB, But this week, she got a final shot to qualify for MITB. She sure was at her best and won the match to qualify for MITB.

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