March 2, 2024

Nikki Garcia: “I wish we could have the Hell In A Cell Matches.”

Nikki Garcia was known as Nikki Bella in WWE. Nikki and her sister used to be tag team partners. The Bella Twins are one of the greatest Women’s Tag Teams in WWE History. The Bella Twins were inducted into Hall Of Fame in 2021.

Nikki Garcia was recently interviewed by Belal Jaber of WESH, where she talked about Divas Era. Nikki wishes that they had the same opportunity as the women’s wrestlers getting now.

“…I wished we had the opportunity of what women have now. I wish we could have the Hell In A Cell Matches. It wasn’t us that didn’t want that, and the company just threw that on us because that makes the company look better. It’s just blame the women that it was them why we didn’t have it. They didn’t want women to have that then. They didn’t want women to overshadow the men,” said Garcia. 

“…I do feel like now because all those women also brought a very entertainment side and a sparkle that made women so rare and what made Divas rare worldwide, and I think that’s why we are finally being recognized for that,” said Garcia. (H/T: SEScoops)

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