March 2, 2024

Jey Uso: Roman Reigns taught me a lot during ThunderDome era

The Usos are one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history. The Usos spent most of their time in WWE as a tag team. Jey Uso feuded with Roman Reigns during Thunderdome era. Both gave their absolute best in the feud, and WWE was also impressed with Jey’s performance.

Jey Uso recently recently gave an interview to The Ringers, where he talked about Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Paul Heyman and more.

Jey on his feud with Roman Reigns during ThunderDome

“So now, we done changed the game to where everything was all character-based. It was all emotion. I didn’t need a crowd. We putting on the TV show right now. And once that clicked with me, man, I just caught on at a different level.”

“That whole pandemic. I learned how to cut promos. [Roman] taught me a whole lot, and he made me a bigger star than what I appeared.”

Jey Uso on The Bloodline storyline

“Bloodline was so dark all the time, you feel me? Like, we was just mad all the time, beating up everybody. When Sami Zayn came in, he elevated that. That acting, that entertainment part came out of all of us. The cool part about that was, man, he had different relationships [with] each character, and you can tell that through the TV screen. There’s no Bloodline without Sami Zayn, man. That’s a fact.”

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