July 20, 2024

Sheamus vs Gunther | WWE Clash at the Castle results 9/3

Sheamus and Gunther started punching each other. Sheamus tried to hit 10 beats to Gunther but Gunther escaped twice . Gunther hits multiple chops to Sheamus. Sheamus hits some punches but Gunther repeatedly hits chops to Sheamus.

Gunther was in full control of the match, Sheamus tried to fight back but Gunther hits brutal chops to Sheamus to keep him down. Gunther throws him through the barricade, Sheamus fights backs and started to hits 10 beats to Gunther. He tried to escape 10 beats but Sheamus follows him and hits 10 beats multiple times.

Both attacked each other very badly, Sheamus tried to hit brogue kick but Gunther’s back chops made his back hurt and he stopped midway. Gunther delivers a powerbomb and finishes the match with a wicked lariat and wins the match. Sheamus received a standing ovation after the match.

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