May 23, 2024

Roman Reigns is expected to take “significant break” from WWE after he loses his title

Roman Reigns is arguable one of the greatest champion in WWE history, he time and again proved why he is the best. Roman Reigns’ title reign is more than 2 years. Roman Reigns will be defending his title against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.

Fans seems to be anticipating Cody would put an end to Roman Reigns’ title reign. If Roman Reigns ends up losing the title, it would not make sense for him to appear on the following week.

WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport that Roman Reigns could take a significant break from WWE, it also noted that Reigns could show up at major show that requires Roman Reigns.

I can imagine there’s probably a significant break, at least a month even longer, until there’s a major show that requires Roman Reigns. You may not see him until SummerSlam though. He’ll be away for a little bit.

WWE wanted to make Roman Reigns a major deal, and they did. Now every time you put on a major show, you need your major star.

WrestleVotes gave more updates on twitter, WrestleVotes noted that Roman could take a break only if he loses the title, it also notes as of now plans are not certain.

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