July 21, 2024

Liv Morgan vs Shayna Baszler | WWE Clash at the Castle results 9/3

Liv rolls Shayna for a pin but she kicks out, Shayna tries to lock in with Kirifuda Clutch but Liv escapes tries lock Shayna with Kirifuda Clutch and rolls for a pin but Shayna kicks out.

Shayna pushes Liv from top of the rope, Shayna mainly focused on her injured arm. Liv was screaming in pain, Baszler hits suplex, Shayna kicks her injured arm, Shayna locks her injured arm, Liv was screaming in pain. Liv hits a drop kick from top of the rope. Liv was full energetic started punching her.

Liv Morgan locks Shayna with triangle lock and converts it into arm bar. First time in the match Shayna was feeling the pain. Shayna escapes from the lock and hit a brutal knee to Liv Morgan’s face, Shayna goes for the pin but Liv kicks out. Liv Morgan hits code breaker and finishes the match with a oblivion and wins the match.

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